Attack of the Clones


Iím one of those who saw a younger Ian McDiarmid play an older Darth Sidious. Saw the Death Star after those secret plans materialized. My personal count for viewing Episode IV is 34 times, Episode V 27 and Episode VI 49 times, it being my favourite. Episode I came after a long time, and frankly I enjoyed it (13 viewings), despite Jar Jar Binks. After spending an afternoon with my family at the cinema watching Episode II, I have this to say: watch it, if only to complete the saga (until Episode III comes along); U might enjoy it, but I am fairly confident most original fans would not.




This is probably the least flawed part of AOTC, with Hayden Christensen/Annakin making for a very believable future Darth Vader. I will leave details to reviews elsewhere. He is my vote for best actor (in the movie, of course). Natalie Portman/Padme is, ďless regalĒ, and expectedly, since she is not longer queen. However, we (my wife and I) enjoyed her better in Episode I. Ewan McGregor/Obi-Wan doesnít play his older Kenobi-character as well as he played the Maul-slayer in Episode I. Sam Jackson/Mace Windu, well, canít say. I feel he didnít make much difference to the movie. Yoda was funny to watch, and still is. He makes the best human, although he is far from one.


Now for the bad guys. Too little of Darth Sidious. I think next to Vader, he would be my choice for best baddie. Christopher Lee/Dooku/Tyranus loses about 30 years during his light-saber battle with Annakin, so doesnít lend much weight to credibility.




This, I feel, is the main failing of this movie, for me. I find in all the other movies, something that kept me waiting to see what happened next; the Darth Vader in ANH, romance between Han and Leia in TESB, the Lukeís duel with Darth Vader and subsequent encounter with the Emperor in ROTJ. Strictly, the was nothing in TPM but the 20-year gap had left me with a yearning anything would satisfy. In AOTC, however, I tried desperately to get into the plot but to no avail. Too many abrupt switches back-and-forth between Annakin and Obi-wan in their separate adventures, with the romance between Annakin and Padme slotted in, I feel, inappropriately.


AOTC has a story to tell, but I think it fails in the telling.




If there was a saving grace (apart from Hayden Christensen), this might have been it, but I think when U consider that this area of film-making is basically boundless, with everything essentially computer generated/assisted, Uíd have to extend that yardstick wayyyyyyy out to measure achievements.


AOTC ranks second to Spiderman in my opinion. And Spiderman had a storyline to boot.




Like I said earlier, watch it. And try to enjoy it.


Episode III


Of course I am looking forward to it. When U are a fan, U are a fan, whatever.


18 May 2002


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