Audiolab 8000A II modification



This mod separates the pre-out and power-in inputs internally; this is required if U want to connect and use something like an active sub (with a high-pass) or the Bit88 in between. The two are connected internally from the factory, and this mod breaks this physical connection, meaning to use the amp as an integrated subsequently, U must use a length of interconnect to connect them externally.



1.      Open cover to gain access (if U have trouble doing even this, this mod is NOT for U);

2.    Locate resistors R979 and R980 (both are 560ohms);

3.    Move the above to positions R985 and R986 respectively (these should be empty if U have a virgin set);

4.    Thatís it. Your set should now have pre-out and power-in jacks that are not connected internally and can be used accordingly.


P.S. This works on Series II; I canít say anything about Series IIIís as I only had a SII.




pls mail if U have questions, Iíll try to help (no promises)


03 Sep 2001


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