Teresa's international students!


BBQ Outing – August 2006


Teachers Ken Walden and Thomas Davies

(putting their BBQ Skills to good use!!) 


Teachers:  Teresa (that’s me in red!) and Lillian Fernandez


So far so good!  Got to tip my hat off to them… 

Under the sweltering sun and all… and still managing a great smile!! 


… attendance taking.  (Still got to make sure all accounted for!)


Students from my current Elementary class. 

The young man on the left is Lyda. 
The two beautiful ladies behind me are Jessica (in green) and Kelly.
The guy behind me just joined my class yesterday!!  Already, he’s a fun person to have around!


See the sweet lady with cool sunglasses?  That’s Xiao Jing. 
She speaks good English and is very attentive in class! 
The young man in white shirt behind her is Phann.
He is Cambodian and was a student in my previous English class.
Phann is one of the best students I’ve ever had!      


That’s Lai Hing looking very serious here – waiting to sign his attendance.
But he’s actually very friendly.
He once gave me an exercise book with a lovely picture of the Angkor Wat on the cover! 


Taking time out to pose for a picture. 

My colleagues are really such dedicated teachers and fun people to work with!  


The picture says it all!  Everyone had a great time! 


Here’s another cute pic of my students!! 


Ok, see all those students dressed in black?  They’re Singaporean students who happen to be
at the park and requested for a picture with the foreign students. 
World without strangers!!  : ) 


Hey! Someone brought a cute dog and Jessica couldn’t resist a cuddle!!  


“Makan” time!!  (I’ll have to explain to Jessica what that means!) : )


Hmmm... tomato and corn!!  Healthy!! 
And who’s that in the red shirt? 
That’s English teacher, Max, who’s also our Programme Leader.   


Told you this guy may be just “two-days old” in my class… 
but he’s already so at home…
(At least I think he is!  Ha ha!!) 



Teresa Long




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