Nette's Birthday! (Aug 2006)



It’s my (ie. Bernadette’s) birthday surprise!  Friends, relatives and neighbours came early to help!!
Where was I?!    Well, mum sent me upstairs to play with one of my
bestest” friends, Aanchal! And I didn’t even have a clue!!        


Ok, the décor’s ready.. everyone was just waiting for me to come back from Aanchal’s house…..
(Mum’s making the phone call for me to come home)   


Er ok… what’s going on?!”  That was what I asked myself as I walked into the house..   


Gee!  What a surprise!!  All my best pals are here!!  COOL!! 


This must be one of the coolest cakes in town right now!! 
Everybody was shrieking with delight…  LITERALLY!! 



So glad my classmates Clarissa, Fatin and Diyana came!!     


That’s Aanchal – the sweet girl with the “cheetah” hairband!
(She knew ‘bout the birthday surprise and kept it well! 
J )


With grandma, baby Andrea on the left and Ivan on the right. 
Yep, that’s bro Nic clowning around!!   


Nic and I  withyeh yeh” (grandpa)


OK!!  We need a bigger sofa!!


We are family!!
(Thanks for all the love, mom and dad!)  


Me and ‘aunty’ Anna
(Actually, she’s more like an older sister!!)


“We’re all in this together  and we know that we are, we’re all stars”
(To borrow a line from High School Musical
J )


Blow out the candles… make a wish… 


“Ah Yi Ros!!  Help me cut the cake?”


“Ah Yi” Ros to the rescue! Hmm  which part of the cake shall we eat?!  


Oops.. the candles gotta go first! !


Diyana’s got “Gabriella” and I’m waiting for “Troy!” Ha ha!! 


Oh good!! Mom, you’re not that old ok?  So stop lamenting!! 
   From this angle, you’ve still got black hair! Hee hee!!   


What d’ya know?!  It’s Ah Yi Ros’ birthday too!! 
and Andrea can’t wait to help blow out the candle!
Happy Birthday to you too, Ah Yi!





Photo – captions later !


Bernadette/Nicholas Long /


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